Visit by NSPCA’s Wildlife Unit

Zanchieta had a surprise visit and inspection this morning by inspectors of the Wildlife Unit of the National SPCA {NSPCA} from Gauteng, accompanied by local SPCA inspectors.
As usual our facilities and the conditions at Zanchieta impressed the inspectors who commented on the neatness of the enclosures, the water troughs and dams, the safety precautions and most important the condition and wellbeing of ALL our #animals.
These senior inspectors litaraly inspected the whole premises and visited all the animals currently at Zanchieta, including those that are only temporarily staying here. They visited and inspected from the majestic #white #lions, male lions, our #lionesses, the #cheetahs, #caracals, #jackals, #servals and including the #meerkats, #genets, #monkeys, Bobo the #baboon, #owls, #chickens and #rabbits.
Special mention was made of the #shelters build inside of each #enclosure as well as the toys and play apparatus inside the enclosures according to the #nature of the specific #species.
They also visited our meat room and the kitchen where the animals’ food are prepared, meat cut into pieces and veggies chopped for our “vegaterians” animals.
Zanchieta was rated 10 points out of 10 – 100%- on every aspect of the inspection according to the #NSPCA Wildlife Unit checklist.
This is yet another feather in the hat for Lizette van Schalkwyk and her dedicated team at Zanchieta.
Our aim is to look after those who cannot look after themselves, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
We would like to invite you all to come and visit us for a #guided #tour of our facility and animals. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.