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Rescued Egret, Slash

Slash, a Cattle egret, came to Zanchieta at a very young age in December 2019/January 2020. During the holidays, a family who was traveling back to their destination, found him alongside the road. He was still very young and weak. All his siblings was already dead. They phoned Zanchieta and ask for help. Zanchieta took …

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So sad to leave, I love this place so much. I will miss the animals so much and Miekie, Jeana, Lizette… even Martin “I’LL BE BACK” Charlie DK P.S    I’ll be back Love you all May ’17 to August ‘12


Thank you for two amazing months with a lot of amazing experiences! I am so grateful for all the stuff I have been able to do here. Zanchieta is a lovey place with a lot of awesome animals and funny people. I‘m gonna miss this a lot, so hopefully I will be back. And thank …

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