Bokamoso (Bokkie) Ntlhokoa


Today was the best, scariest, exciting and most beautiful day even.
Thank for everything you have done and taught, not only to us but the animals
too. You are doing the most beautiful thing ever-ever and may the Lord keep and
bless you. I am very scared of animals but today I overcame my fear and I
haven’t would have done it if it wasn’t of you. Thank you, I really appreciate
it. I really don’t know what to say but all I can say is that you are the most
amazing people I’ve ever met. Hopefully I will come back soon. I really love this

And will definitely come back.

LOVE YOU LOTS. The most beautiful animal I met and loved was Diva even though she was not in the mood. I really learned a lot and continue to do this beautiful job.

Bokamoso (Bokkie) Ntlhokoa                                         Miekie + Bianca= Awesome