Bobo finds a new home

Good evening family and friends. We would love to share with you some good {albeit sad} news regarding Bobo the baboon. Bobo became part of our family some months ago. Bobo was still a baby when he was brought to us after being abused.
Today, after a period of time during which we nurtured him back to health and restoring his spirit, he was taken to Stormberg near Burgersdorp, Eastern Cape. Lizette van Schalkwyk, owner of zanchieta and lehodimo (Bloemfontein) accompanied Bobo herself, as the two of them share a very close connection and bond. The next phase of Bobo’s rehabilitation is starting now. He will be introduced to other baboons at Stormberg, where his interaction with others of his spesie will be monitored. Lizette will stay overnight with Bobo at his new home to ensure that he is adapting. Although all of us at Zanchieta is very sad and will dearly miss Bobo, his wellbeing is of utmost importance. GOOD LUCK DEAR BOBO. MAY ALL YOUR DAYS BE FILLED WITH AS MUCH JOY AS YOU BROUGHT TO US.