Two males, Flash and Dash, and the female, Diva, also found a home at Zanchieta.


Zanchieta is home to a total of eight lions. Five of these are white lions and include William Wallace, Princess, Zoltan and Casper.  Xenobia is the youngest lion in the Zanchieta pride. The other three are Elsa the lioness and brothers Kalahari and Okavango.


A total of five caracals can be found at Zanchieta. Zani and Ghieta were the first animals to arrive on the farm and the Zanchieta stems from the. Other caracals on the farm are Lala, Mogadi and Shaka.


Thanda, Arizona, Julie, Jubilee, Layla and Zanile form part of our animal family.

Jackals and Foxes

Our three blackback jackals; Jackie, Naledi and Zoid can be found as well as three foxes: KP, Kavaan and Persia.

Other Animals

Our other animals are the two meerkats – Mia and Kabous; five small spotted genets – Langstert, Zazu, A, B and C; five owls, one each of crow, kestrel, dassie, baboon, vervet monkey, red mongoogse and African wildcat.