In amongst the Wild Cats!

kalahari okavango
dash flash diva

 . . and other animals too!

When you arrive at the gate to the farm, the first thing you spot is a cheetah or two strolling around their large fenced camp! You immediately feel a sense of excitement at being so close to these magnificent animals. Then as you swing into the car park, carefully trying not to ride over one or two of the many colourful “bunnies’ which roam around the gardens, you are faced with more sightings of caracal, two huge black-mane lions and if you are really lucky, your first sight of William Wallace, a great big male White Lion! This is wild cat country and you have arrived at Zanchieta!

Lizette started caring for two orphaned Caracal cubs about seven years ago and she then fell in love with the wild cats of our country and so started her mission of setting up the farm as a cat haven. Those two caracal were named Zani and Ghieta, and once the lodge was built, it was named after these two, who are both still on the farm.
As you move around the clean, spacious enclosures, all constructed to specified legal requirements, you are introduced to each cat, by name! The two big male lions, Kalahari and Okavango, amble over to the fence for a “chat” with Lizette, who reared them both from cubs. These two brutes are magnificent creatures, in superb condition and when they brush up against the fence your immediate reaction is to back away a step or two! Just so very big and awesomely scary!

Then, in the next camp, are the White lion pair of William Wallace and lioness Princess. If you have never seen white lions before and get this amazing privilege of being right up close to them, you get the feeling of experiencing one of nature’s rare phenomena. There are also two young male white lions, called Zoltan and Casper, which are growing up to be magnificent adults, along with a younger female white lion, called Znenobia. Then there is Elsa, a normal brown adult lioness with a fascinating, heart-warming story to tell and she lives in her own enclosure.

And next meet the three adult Cheetahs, Dash, Flash and Diva. These beautiful cats are so different to the Lion Pride, and yet just as appealing and attractive!

There are also stunning Servals, Bat- eared and Cape Foxes, Small spotted Genets, Black-backed Jackals, a couple of Meerkats, a Dassie named Tux, an adult Porcupine and not forgetting one of the crowd favourites, three Small Spotted Cats, Bubula, Bella and Bapsie, also known as Black-footed Cats! These little creatures are  the smallest wild cat species of Africa and are on the endangered list.



William Wallace

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